Timothy Urness

Timothy Urness
(515) 271-2118


Ph.D. 2006, Computer Science, University of Minnesota

M.S. 2003, Computer Science, University of Minnesota

B.S. 1999, Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

My interest in computer science and scientific visualization stems from my research and academic experiences as an undergraduate. As a student at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, I was employed as a research assistant to help visualize elements of protein folding. This experience prompted me to apply for an undergraduate internship at Argonne National Laboratory where I worked alongside professional researchers in an effort to utilize virtual reality to better understand scientific phenomena. I have found using computer graphics to assist the scientific process to be very rewarding.

My graduate school experience at the University of Minnesota was filled with opportunities to develop novel visualizations on the cutting edge of science. Many of the contributions from my dissertation have resulted from an effort with researchers from the Department of Aerospace and Mechanics to develop images depicting turbulent flow of experimentally acquired data. The opportunity for interdisciplinary collaborations is one of my favorite components of this discipline.

My goal, as a member of the faculty at Drake University, is to provide opportunities that inspire undergraduate students. I plan on using scientific visualization research to enhance the educational process for students, and use this research to help unite academic departments through interdisciplinary collaborations.

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